Who Remembers the Northampton Clown?


Internet sensations come and go at such a rapid rate these days. However, perhaps you may remember that on Friday, September 13th, 2013, the world became terrified by a clown that began making random appearances in the English town of Northampton. It wasn’t long before he became a global sensation. The Northampton Clown had such a crazy soar into internet fame that we couldn’t resist the idea of reaching out to him about releasing a book by him into our informational book series (21 Book Series). Needless to say, a novelty book, such as his was, didn’t really fit into the mold of our serious and information based book company. We decided to give it a go anyway.northamptonclown2

We needed a quick release and with Alex Powell (the guy in the clown suit) being a college student at the time, he didn’t really have the time to write the book. We assured him that we would take care of the writing and all he would have to do is go along with it. We quickly wrote up the book’s introduction and then emailed it over to Alex.  He absolutely loved it! He gave us the green light to write the rest of the book and within a few days we had the entire book ready for release. We released the book on Christmas morning 2013 and sales started coming in.

northamptonclownbookWe did our very best to schedule a book signing at a bookstore in Northampton, England, but Alex simply did not have time to make it happen. However, being the film student that he was, he created a series of three videos using the concept of a book signing. The videos were very well done. They turned out to be pretty much the clown’s way of saying goodbye to the world. He is all but a memory today. Even his hugely popular Facebook page ceases to exist after it was hacked some time ago.

For the sake of sharing something “random” with everyone, I thought I would share The Northampton Clown’s videos with you…



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