National Organization of Random PeopleDo you ever feel like you just need to belong to something awesome? If so, we would like to invite you to join NOORP!! The National Organization of Random People will gladly accept you as a member (completely free of charge). Being a member of NOORP will increase your quality of life by at least 8.2% simply by enabling you to belong to something totally awesome and by reaffirming the fact that you are just another random person in this world. That’s right! You too can be just as awesome as the other three people that have joined our organization! Studies have shown (or at least the study that we conducted while having lunch at a local burger joint did) that by being part of NOORP, you actually wake up every morning with the realization that life is freakin’ amazing and that it will be even better after having some breakfast. Join today and let Todd & Eric help you fulfill your mission in life as you journey through as one of many RANDOM people!!

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